This information has been compiled from various sources, but most notably from the members of Weekend Freedom Machines.
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NOTE: To those who asked, I will post documentation for all Weekend Freedom Machines series tractors and attachments (pre-1992: 110, 112, 120/140, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx). If you have documentation, brochures, drawings, better resolution copies than I have posted, corrections, etc. I will be happy to upload and make available to the community. Please contact w/any problems or items to upload.

files posted on 1/4/2012

John Deere
70-300 John Deere Attachment & Tractor Interchangeability (dated Nov74).pdf
400-X595 John Deere Attachment & Tractor Interchangeability (dated Jan04).pdf
110-216 John Deere Attachment & Tractor Interchangeability (dated Feb04).pdf
120-332 John Deere Attachment & Tractor Interchangeability (dated Feb04).pdf
John Deere CCE Fluid Capacities (2007).pdf
John Deere Seat Interchangeability.pdf

Free Battery Cover Kit Form (M79002 May 88).pdf

Brochures, Literature, Images, etc.

Mower Decks, Power-Flow, etc.
Power-Flow Attachments 38, 46, & 50-In Mowers Installation (M75607_A-8).pdf

Integral Sleeve Hitch
Integral Sleeve Hitch Dimension Drawings (AM31668) as of 20081016.pdf
Integral Sleeve Hitch Lift Link Dimension Drawings (AM31668) as of 20081016.pdf

110/112 (Round Fender - RF)
110 (SN -15001) Helper Spring Installation (BM15010).pdf
110-112 RF Headlight and Rear Lamp Installation with Template (AM30974 - Form M443-766).pdf

110/112 (Square Fender - SF)

2xx Wiring Diagrams.pdf
2xx (Early) Electric Lift Installation (BM15885 M80529).pdf
2xx (Late) Electric Lift or Conversion Kit Installation (BM15820 M80926 AM36402 BM15885).pdf
2xx Helper Spring Kit Installation (AM36006 - M49829).pdf
2xx Hydraulic Lift Installation with Template (BM16053 - M83199).pdf

140/3xx (Early Series - Closed Frame)
300-140 Closed Frame 3pt Hitch Plans (PDF) as of
300-140 Closed Frame 3pt Hitch Plans (CAD Drawings) as of
140-317 3pt Early Model Installation (M48879 & AM36001).pdf
140-317 3pt Late Model Installation (M80377).pdf
140 3pt Installation and Operation (BM15158 - Form M574-568).pdf
140 3pt Hitch Conversion Instructions to fit 300 (BM15158).pdf
140 Rear Hydraulics (M80036 & AM36001).pdf
140 Rear PTO Installation (M47336).pdf
110-140 Light Kit Installation Instructions (AM32015 & M46759).pdf
140 HD Air Filter (M46608).pdf
140 Ignition Conversion (M46329).pdf
140 Installing PTO Clutch (AM38532).pdf
140 54C Center Blade Installation.pdf
140 Installation Instructions SUN TOP (TY2033).pdf
140 Installation Instructions Windshield & Enclosure (TY2034).pdf

316, 318, 322, 330, 332, 420, & 430 2000 RPM Rear PTO Installation M74202-17 (BM16675).pdf
318, 322, 330, 332, 420, 430 Parker Hydrostatic Steering System - HGF Series Service (SM2753).pdf
300-400 Seat Suspension Kit Installation Instructions (AM105074 M74640).pdf
300-400 Hydrostatic Transmission Damper Control Kit Installation Instructions (AM116222 M123483).pdf
300-400 Late Model 3pt Installation Instructions (BM16219 M85141).pdf
300 Lock-Out Valve Installation Instructions (AM39556 M85595).pdf
318 Flow Diverter Kit Installation (AM39609 M85575).pdf
322-332 Oil Cooler Kit Installation Instructions (AM106619 M78740).pdf
314 & 317 Brantly 920-24 Power Steering Mounting Instructions.pdf

Kohler Carb Service Kits.pdf
Kohler Guide to Engine Rebuilding (TP-2150-A).pdf
Kohler Owner's Manual Single Cylinder - K241, K301, K321, K341.pdf
Kohler Owner's Manual Twin Cylinder - K17, K19.pdf
Kohler Owner's Manual - K582.pdf
Kohler Service Manual Single Cylinder - KT91, KT141, KT161, K181, K241, K301, K321, K341.pdf
Kohler Service Manual Twin Cylinder - KT17, KT19, KT21.pdf
Kohler Service Manual Twin Cylinder - K482, K532, K582, K662.pdf
Kohler Engine Accessories (E-1953-L) as of Apr08.pdf

Tecumseh Basic Troubleshooting & Service Information - Engines & Transmissions (696533).pdf
Tecumseh Technician's Handbook - 8 to 18HP Cast Iron Four Cycle Engines (691462A).pdf
Tecumseh-Peerless Motion Drive System - Transmissions & Differentials (691218).pdf
Tecumseh HH100-115000C Parts List.pdf
Tecumseh Carburetor Repair & Governor Adjustment Guide.pdf

Sundstrand (Sauer-Danfoss)
Sauer-Danfoss (Sunstrand) Technical Information - Series 70/15 Pumps, Motors, Transmissions (BLN-10006_RevB_Jan93).pdf
Sauer-Danfoss (Sunstrand) Repair Manual - Series 15 Pumps, Motors, Transmissions (Nova Hydraulics).pdf

Brinly 10in Integral Hitch Plow (PP-510).pdf
Brinly 12in 3pt Mouldboard Plow (PP-1200).pdf
Brinly Sleeve Hitch Disk Harrow (DD-551).pdf
Brinly 3pt Tandem Disk Harrow (DD-1000).pdf
Brinly Sleeve Hitch Cultivator (CC-550).pdf
Brinly 3pt One Row Spring Shank Cultivator (CC-1000).pdf
Brinly 38in Sleeve Hitch Box Scraper (BS-381).pdf
Brinly 42in Sleeve Hitch Grader Blade (BB-562).pdf

314 & 317 Brantly 920-24 Power Steering Mounting Instructions.pdf
Brantly Model 320 & 420A Loaders Owners Manual.pdf
Brantly SL, ML & LL Series Loaders Owners Manual.pdf
Brantly Equipment Brochure.pdf
Brantly Equipment Accessory Factory Price List (01Nov79).pdf

Testing and Servicing Electrical Equipment (IH Aug65 GSS-1052-C).pdf

The following manuals contain a wealth of general information on plow operations, terminology, set-up, usage, etc.
Ford Plow Book.pdf
Ford-Dearborn Economy Plow & Blade (19-72).pdf

Danfoss - Facts Worth Knowing About Hydraulics (Danfoss 0898).pdf

The following diagram shows a basic hydraulic circuit and includes Power Beyond functionality.
Basic Hydraulics - Includes Power Beyond.pdf